Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Pramod K Nayar

It’s in the Genes – is it?

DNA profiling generates genetically imagined communities, as the search moves from individual to family, community and race 

The Art of War

By Pramod K Nayar  “Not a spot is to be left without some marks of blood and carnage”.  The 20th century poet Wilfred Owen, who had encountered...

UoH faculty authors book on Alzheimer’s

Hyderabad: Bringing forth the vulnerability and uncertainty of an Alzheimer's patient, Prof Pramod K Nayar, faculty in Department of English, University of Hyderabad (UoH)...

Opinion: The race of numbers

By Pramod K Nayar The much-criticised Nazis developed a test for ascertaining the degree of Aryanness or Jewishness. With the eugenics movement and its associate,...

Opinion: History of unnatural destruction

By Pramod K Nayar How wars and their disastrous effects are remembered varies from culture to culture. Memory-making, especially collective memory, is a political act....

Opinion: Fear of small numbers

By Pramod K Nayar Every year when the academic and institutional rankings season comes around, academic managers experience bouts of uncertainty — and this is...

Opinion: What I don’t know isn’t knowledge!

By Pramod K Nayar In the fact-free, post-truth world, the entrenchment of subjective truth as the only one that counts has become prominent. Relativism of...

The Life and Crimes of Agatha Christie

By Pramod K Nayar “You…have a natural flair for justice, and that has led to your having a natural flair for crime”. “It was feeling…It wasn’t...

Memories that stay, and get tangled

By Pramod K Nayar A film set in High Royds Hospital, Yorkshire, gives us three repeated motifs: visuals of confetti/snowflakes, music/poetry cut into by grating...

Opinion: Photographing worlds of pain

The world is now the subject of extensive and intensive documentation, especially of atrocity

Government to accord top priority to education, health sector: Jagadish

Urges graduates to elect Palla Rajeshwar Reddy as MLC in upcoming polls

The state of speed

As the virus evades borders, the characteristic tropes to describe the year just done, must be motility and speed

There is no there there

Wasteland was what home was not but is creeping in now with impossible pollution levels and progressive desertification

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