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LifestyleTaking care of skin in Covid times

Taking care of skin in Covid times

Published: 12th Jan 2022 5:25 pm

Hyderabad: Face masks, sanitisers and gloves have become a mandatory part of our daily life in the past two years. But the constant wearing of masks can lead to skin irritation. As a result, those with sensitive/oily skin have been facing skin-related complications like acne breakouts, flare-ups of eczema or rosacea, or plain skin irritation.

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Frequently washing hands and using sanitisers led to several skin issues, including making the skin really dry, besides flaking and peeling of the skin. The high alcohol content in hand sanitisers can cause excessive dryness. Even the nails become dry and brittle, breaking or chipping easily. Massage a cream daily on the hands, nails and the skin around the nails, and at night too.

To tackle dryness of the hands, add one teaspoon of pure glycerine to 50 ml rose water. Apply on the hands and leave on for half-an-hour. Then, wash it off with plain water.

Let your skin breathe

With masks on, our basic skincare and makeup regimen have also changed. Women now rely on their eyes to communicate. Colourful lashes and graphic liners can match or complement the natural eye colour — and even coordinate with facial coverings. You can still apply light cosmetic products above the mask line, but any skin that is covered by the mask should be left free from any makeup as much as possible.

Since our skin needs a little breathing space too, try to switch to a cloth mask with cotton, bamboo, or natural silk earloops which won’t cause skin burns or irritation. Make sure to wash your cloth mask regularly and sanitise it appropriately.

Avoid attractive synthetic fibres like polyester, spandex or wool as most of these synthetic fabric blends are treated with chemicals and regular use of such masks can lead to excess oil, dirt, and sweat, leading to breakouts around the chin, jaw, cheeks, or mouth area, which can further lead to difficulty in breathing.

Maintain good CTM

Maskwearers may experience chapped or dry skin, along with areas where the masks put extra pressure; under chin and beneath eyes and hence maintaining a good CTM (cleansing, toning and moisturising) day and night is vital. The skin is influenced by many external factors like dirt, chemical pollutants, bacteria and viruses.

• To remove impurities and stay from infections, a daily shower is a must, especially on returning home.

• Take mask breaks and spray some moisture mist onto your face before putting the mask back on again.

• You need to practice good hygiene and cleanliness, especially if you frequently wear a mask.

• Apply gentle moisturiser, serums and creams rich in hyaluronic acid that combats skin flaking.
• Hydrate your skin by drinking at least 8-10 glass of water, juices, soups, coconut water, lassi, etc.

• Intake of water-rich foods helps keep your skin clean healthy and fresh-looking.

Shahnaz Husain

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