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Watch: Man bag records for ‘fastest 20m walking on his hands’

Published: 26th Sep 2021 2:20 pm

Hyderabad: A 23-year-old differently-abled American athlete named Zion Clark has broken a unique and inspiring world record by walking the fastest 20 metres using his hands alone. He has set a new Guinness World Record by finishing it in just 4.78 seconds.

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The Guinness World Records also posted the achievement on their official Instagram handle. Have a look:

Hailing from Ohio, Clark suffered from caudal regression syndrome, which is characterised by abnormal development of the lower body – where there is no growth of the spine bones. Due to this, Clark was born without legs.

However, the disability never stopped him from pursuing his passion. He used to be a wrestler and was always interested in sports.

And in February 2021, Clark made his first attempt to beat the record for the quickest man who could run on his hand. He did so at the gym of his high school in Massillon, Ohio.

‘He exploded in a burst of speed, smashing the record in a time of 4.78 seconds,’ The Guinness World Records wrote on its website.

Sharing how elated he is to become a record holder, Clark shared a picture of him holding the record certificate and the GWR 2022 book. “I can finally announce that I am officially a Guinness World Record Holder! As the fastest human on two hands for 20m. This is a big accomplishment for me, I am one of the main features in the 2021 edition so make sure you get your copy of it! I am getting ready to set my next Guinness World Record. What do you guys think it is,” he captioned the image on his Instagram handle.

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