Tuesday, October 19, 2021
EntertainmentCadbury recreates 3-decade-old ad, now with swapped gender roles

Cadbury recreates 3-decade-old ad, now with swapped gender roles

Published: 20th Sep 2021 9:38 pm

Hyderabad: Leading chocolate company Cadbury has now recreated its iconic 1990s cricket advertisement but with a much-needed twist – swapping gender roles.

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In the previous advertisement, a woman ate a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk while watching a man, presumably her boyfriend, bat during a cricket match. As the man hits a six after a tiny bit of suspense, the woman, in excitement, runs onto the cricket field with a celebratory dance.

Now, nearly three decades later, Cadbury’s owner Mondelez and Ogilvy have recreated the iconic advertisement with a contemporary twist – a woman bats during the match and a man watches her strike in suspense while eating Cadbury chocolate.
Well, like the previous commercial, the man also strikes a celebratory dance on the cricket field after dodging a security guard when his girlfriend hits a six to score a century.

For the new advertisement, the caption read: “Join Cadbury Dairy Milk in celebrating and cheering for our girls who are making spectacular success stories and emerging as powerful role models for the youth. #CadburyDairyMilk #GoodLuckGirls #KuchAchhaHoJaayeKuchMeethaHoJaaye.”

The advertisement was soon appreciated by several netizens, while some also felt it was the best thing on the internet for the day. “Oh! Wow. Beautifully made. classy and more chocolaty! More power to you,” wrote a user.

“Right in the feels. Amazing nostalgia marketing,” wrote another. A third user wrote: “Cadbury’s slaying it with this one. Can’t stop smiling and applauding!”

Watch the advertisements here:


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