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EventsCompelling tales and creative expressions

Compelling tales and creative expressions

Published: 17th Apr 2021 7:48 pm

In a first-of-its-kind initiative, ‘Art for Freedom’ takes on the challenge to stop victim shaming and blaming. Encouraging students and artists from across cities to influence a positive change in society, the ‘Grand Virtual Art for Freedom Gallery’ unveils diverse and bold art forms, including paintings, posters, animations, videos, poems, digital art, and even a rap song in Tamil.

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Voices have come together in compelling stories and creative expressions, given that every hour there are four rapes reported in the country. The theme effectively captures real-life stories of a sexual offenses, child abuse, human trafficking, domestic violence, and marital rape, accounting for this heinous crime.

Endorsing the need for such a strong move, Dr. Pinky Anand, Sr Advocate, Supreme Court of India, commented, “It is unfortunate that multiple rapes continue to be reported every day in India, and in most cases, the perpetrator is known to the victim. Do we need to ask what encourages them? This initiative will go a long way in creating sensitivity in people to change old mindsets through art. I hope this movement keeps growing.

”Supporting the view, Sr Advocate Vivek Sood, Supreme Court of India, added, “This initiative is a welcome change. This is true freedom of expression and I’m glad people are being sensitized to this issue through the medium of art. This is much beyond law and courts.”

The idea culminated in a virtual event to mark World Art Day 2021, presenting 17 shortlists of great artwork. The top 6 winning entries have been created by Devanshi Tripathi, Arpit Mishra, Prerna Ramesh, Prashansa Gupta, Vardha Anand, and Santosh Kumar RB.

To view the artworks and compositions of winners and shortlists, download the link:

https://drive.google.co m/file/d/1i-7coaSEgjhi LFifShPL5W-ZBr976X 9s/view?usp=sharing

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