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HyderabadDoosra app to save your privacy

Doosra app to save your privacy

Published: 13th Jun 2021 11:58 pm | Updated: 17th Jun 2021 3:58 pm

Hyderabad: Telemarketing and other spam calls can become a major issue especially when one has a busy day or when one is expecting an important call. Many times people miss important calls due to spam calls.

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Considering safety as an important aspect and to protect the privacy of the consumers and their data, and to safeguard the digital identity of the mobile users, Aditya Vuchi has developed an app, Doosra. The Hyderabad-based company is a first-of-its-kind solution.

“Nowadays when we go out shopping we give our numbers at several stores and dealers. Our private numbers are also with online shopping websites, cab and food aggregators, etc. Being at the receiving end of these spam calls can be very irritating. Hence, we developed the app Doosra, which helps the subscriber use a 10-digit number instead of their actual numbers while giving their contact information at store, online websites, coupons, and so on,” shares Aditya.
Interestingly, the app had come up with a free subscription plan for all the Covid-19 volunteers several of whom have faced online harassment as their numbers were leaked.

“During these unprecedented times, Covid volunteers are working relentlessly risking their lives to save the lives of those affected. They call up hundreds of random numbers every day to verify sources and check availability. This means, their numbers are shared with dozens of strangers on a daily basis. It is important to protect their privacy and their primary numbers from being misused, while they render the Covid volunteering,” says Aditya, adding that while Doosra is a paid app, it is free to the volunteers for six months.

“A few miscreants are using the female volunteers’ number to harass them on social media or WhatsApp. In fact, we saw that several such cases had come up. Hence, we decided that we can help the volunteers by giving them free subscription plans,” he says.

Shivanksha M, a Covid volunteer who has been using Doosra for a few weeks, says the app is very user friendly. “As a volunteer I make tonnes of calls daily and receive a few calls that are unwanted. However, since I started using Doosra the spam calls have come down drastically. Only those numbers that I permit reach me.”

How does Doosra work?

“Doosra stops all unwanted calls with a user-friendly Smart Call Filter on the app, and gives users the power to decide which calls should reach their phones,” shares Aditya, adding, “With this, you have the option of calling back unknown callers who called your Doosra number, without ever revealing your personal number.”

The Founder and CEO of the Doosra app also assure that installing and using this app, will have no affect on normal numbers or calls. The Doosra number can also be used to create a WhatsApp account, so as to safeguard security on the platform.


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