Sunday, October 17, 2021


Editorial: Cautious outlook

A ‘stable’ outlook should not lead to complacency as several parameters, including inflation, unemployment, are still in the red zone

Editorial: Beijing’s intransigence at play

The failure of talks between army commanders of India-China is not entirely surprising

Editorial: A ray of hope

More than a century of waiting has ended. The World Health Organization’s approval for the first anti-malaria vaccine is a path-breaking development that is...

Editorial: Mayhem returns

The spurt in targeted civilian killings in Kashmir confirms the worst fears that the developments in Afghanistan could embolden the terrorist outfits bent upon...

Editorial: Have robust caste data

The aim of any affirmative action programme is to reduce socio-economic inequalities and lift disadvantaged sections out of poverty and deprivation. The basic ingredient...

Editorial: Energy crisis looms large

The deepening energy crisis comes as a reminder of the vital role that coal continues to play in India’s economy and how ending dependence...

Editorial: Strengthen ties with Taiwan

Given the changing geopolitical realities in Asia, in the wake of China’s growing belligerence, there is a strong case for India to deepen its...

Editorial: Avoidable tragedy

Lakhimpur Kheri incident clearly shows the Centre’s failure to address the concerns of protesting farmers

Editorial: Pushback to e-commerce rules

Several provisions reek of protectionism that could hurt businesses and investment climate

Editorial: Right move, though belated

Corporatisation of Ordnance Factory Board will lead to greater autonomy, accountability

Editorial: Digital health ID not a panacea

The larger issues confronting the healthcare sector need a holistic approach and increased public spending

Editorial: Navjot Singh Sidhu’s antics

Blurb: It is time Congress leadership took a tough stand on dissidents and focused on pressing public issues

Editorial: Avoid discrimination in jobs

It’s reckless to think that the quota system for locals will magically solve the unemployment problem

Editorial: Upgrade the skills

Despite churning out a large number of graduates every year, India continues to carry the dubious distinction of being at the bottom rung of...

Editorial: When chips are down

Crisis in the semiconductor sector has already led to lower production, lower discounts and higher prices
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