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ColumnsEducate children on ethical use of internet

Educate children on ethical use of internet

Published: 17th Nov 2021 12:46 am

Gone are the days when teens and pre-teens socialised on playgrounds and communities. Now social networking platforms, messaging rooms, virtual worlds and blogs are where they meet up.

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Given the many downsides of social media platforms, it is never too early to think about your child’s safety online. If you are a parent of a young child who is just starting to discover the online world, there are a few things to consider such as:

(a) Help your child learn to use technology with proper internet ethics and digital wellbeing

(b) Co-view or co-create at time with kids.

(c) Consider using content filtering softwares.

(d) Create a family Screen time agreement with tech-free zones.

(e) Tell your child not to reveal personal information and overshare online.

(f) Balance off-screen time and on-screen time. Focus on actual developmental needs.

(g) Learn more about online platforms, explore reliable resources for parents so you can educate yourself.

Internet safety tips for parents having pre-teens:

• Many social media platforms and website tools are accessible for children who are 13+
• Almost all images online and works shown online could be copyright protected
• Children should tell parents what they do online. Talk to trusted adult family members if they are unsure of anything
• Don’t add online friends without parents’ permission. Do not to trust everything online friends say
• Children should keep personal information always private: Full name, address, phone number, plans and birthdays
• Advise children not to post anything they don’t want their teachers, family, friends, or future employees to see
• Children should be told not to believe everything they see and read online
• They must be taught to report cyber-bullying
• Ask them to choose sensible email addresses, usernames, strong passwords, two-factor authentication and not to share them
• Teach them to be polite and respectful at all times
• Ensure children balance their off-screen time and on-screen time
• Motivate them to get outdoors and play sports like cricket, football, etc

Internet safety tips for parents having teens:

  • Internet safety – Have frequent conversations with your child as they will not be aware of the dangers that can happen online
  • Parental control – Almost all electronic gadgets and applications we use have built-in parental controls that allow you to limit the amount of time your child can spend online, restrict their access to explicit content, and switch off functions like shopping and chatting
  • Family email – Set up a family email address that your children can use when signing up for games and other online platforms.
  • Online purchases – Many applications and games give users the option of buying additional functionalities, additional points/coins etc. Children may purchase without even realising; So disable in-app purchases
  • Activate safe search – Minimise the risk of your children coming across inappropriate content by activating the safe search
  • Agree on what to do when things go inappropriate – Speak to children about what to do if they come across something on the internet that bothers them. This shouldn’t be closing the laptop or turning off the phone screen when you are near them
  • Play it safe – Parents must carefully choose safe and appropriate games for their child to play online. We should check the suggested rating (age) and should also check if a game allows for player interaction and if there is a safe chat mode feature available.
  • Teach kids that scanning a QR code sent by others / providing UPI / PIN / OTP to others, means loss of money or loss of personal data.

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