Tuesday, September 28, 2021
EntertainmentFurious netizens want to find the man behind idea of 'Maggi Milkshake'

Furious netizens want to find the man behind idea of ‘Maggi Milkshake’

Published: 15th Sep 2021 11:11 am

Hyderabad: The two-minute Maggi has been an all-time favourite for many. And over the years, from just being an easy to boil noodle, Maggi has taken new forms through various experiments. From Cheesy fry Maggi to Maggi pasta and Maggi dosa, Maggi has become an add-on for several dishes. 

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Well now, adding to the list of experiments is this Maggi as a topping on a glass of mango milkshake. Yes, you read it right! The bizarre combination is now being trolled by furious Maggi lovers on Twitter. Some even asked social media users to find the guy who had the thought of such a combination. 

Posted on Twitter by a user called Mayur Sejpal, the tweet of the unimaginable drink has left netizens in disgust. 

As soon as the Twitterati posted, netizens furiously jumped on to the comments section calling the combination ‘Yuck’ with the green disgusted emoticons. 

Check some of the reactions for the wild milkshake: 

So, do you think you can try out the Maggi mango milkshake? 

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