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BusinessGet ready for more hacking, scammers in 2022: Norton Labs

Get ready for more hacking, scammers in 2022: Norton Labs

Published: 9th Dec 2021 4:32 pm

Hyderabad: The Norton Labs team, made up of a dedicated network of global threat and security research experts, has predicted that in 2022, cyber activism will gain momentum, scammers will target people suffering through natural disasters, crypto scams will increase as more users buy in, and the next 12 months promise to be busy ones in the world of cybersecurity.

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Petros Efstathopoulos, Global Head, Research, Norton Labs, said, “We are always looking ahead and these predictions identify the areas we see having the greatest impact on people’s cyber safety in the coming year.”

Norton Labs makes predictions for what will be the most important cyber trends of 2022 in the security space.

Crypto scams

Norton Labs points out that many companies enable the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. Now that some of these companies are regulated and listed on the Nasdaq, trust and transparency in those companies is rising and the barrier to entry to use cryptocurrencies is getting lower. This may lead to more casual investors who do not understand the nuances of how cryptocurrencies work.

“Scammers have been using those misunderstandings to separate people from their coins, and with this new set of new users, we expect a big increase in the number of scams out there,” Norton stated.

Digital identity

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the entire planet to work, communicate, take care of their health, and perform a variety of transactions remotely and online. As the pandemic continues, a wider deployment of digital vaccination passports is expected.

There is now a greater need for a secure, unforgeable, privacy protecting set of credentials that can be issued, transmitted, and verified with confidence and ease. Norton expects rapid progress in the world of digital identities in 2022 and beyond.

Cyber terrorism

The primary goal of cybercriminals is to make money. They might carry out phishing campaigns to steal login credentials or tech support scams to separate people from their money. But the motivation of hacking isn’t always so straightforward.

Hacker activists, or hacktivists, apply their craft to achieve political outcomes. They do this by disrupting governments, spreading fear, or bringing some information to light. Hacktivism and cyber terrorism were alive in 2021. Norton expects to see these attacks continue, if not increase, given their reach and potential influence.

Exploitation during disasters

Disasters have always been big business for scammers. Norton Labs expects more disasters and more money to be moving around in 2022. Scammers never let a good crisis go to waste, with scammers swinging into action after devastating storms, fires, and throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Whenever there is money flowing from insurance companies or the government to the victims of natural disasters, there is someone who will try to exploit that situation, either by committing fraud with stolen identities or scamming people directly.

Deepfake technology

As deepfake technology gets better and easier to use, it will become a useful tool for criminals, scammers, stalkers, and activists.

With all the data that is now available from various breaches and scrapes, criminals could profile people to identify who is more likely to fall for certain types of attacks or scams, the techniques that will be most effective based on their experience with similar people, and craft messages that will be targeted directly at them based on services they are known to use.

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