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In ode to human strength, a ‘statue of immunity’ in the making

The monument, the brainchild of Dr Dube, aims to become the new symbol of good health, which will inspire humanity to continuously resist the unknown threats and develop inner strength.

Researchers highlight outcomes of COVID-19 transmission from mother to fetus

Most known cases of COVID-19 in pregnant women have been in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Arpita Mehta comes out with coffee table book ‘The Mirror’

Arpita Mehta gets talking with Hyderabad Today about taking a year to come out with the book and what she takes away from every collection.

Eating almonds daily may help reduce facial wrinkles, pigmentation in some women

The new study involved 49 healthy postmenopausal women with Fitzpatrick skin type 1 or 2, which is characterised by increased tendency to burn with sun exposure.

Digital tech adoption in healthcare among highest in India

The findings showed that 51 per cent of respondents in India have increased their use of digital technologies and data solutions since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Woman gives birth to first known baby with antibodies against coronavirus

The woman, who has been breastfeeding the baby exclusively, received the second dose of the vaccine as per the normal 28-day vaccination protocol timeline.

The ‘dark realities of fisher community’

In this show, the mermaids, fisherwoman and their lives -- which exist in his paintings -- are his muse.

Food fortification, a potent way to fight hidden hunger

Fortified rice, wheat flour, and double fortified salt are the key substances that aim to tackle anemia and micro nutrient deficiencies in India because a large population of adolescents and women in reproductive age groups are anaemic.

COVID-19 reinfections rare, but senior citizens vulnerable: Study

According to the Hill, the study found that protection in the general population to be 80 per cent or higher in those younger than 65.

Pankaj & Nidhi’s latest is an ode to new beginnings

Models in the video were styled by The Lakme Salon, inspired by the global collections from TIGI Bed Head.

Elevated heart disease risk faced by cancer survivors: Study

It's important that researchers and health care providers keep their eyes on the growing number of cancer survivors, including younger adults.

‘Wearable fitness trackers, step counters help overweight to shed pounds’

Fitness trackers and step counters seem to motivate users to meet their physical activity goals.

Taking ‘microbreaks’ at work may boost productivity

The findings, published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, indicated that taking "microbreaks" helped the study participants maintain their energy level.

Hyderabadi digital creators upping the fashion game

What started as a hobby has become a lucrative job for these city influencers

5 quick wardrobe maintenance tips for fresh clothes

Whether you have a cool walk-in closet or just a couple of shelves, the way you store clothes can make them last for years.
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