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TechNASA’s image of ‘Hand of God’ in space baffles netizens, have a...

NASA’s image of ‘Hand of God’ in space baffles netizens, have a look

Published: 27th Sep 2021 2:07 pm

Hyderabad: Space has always been a mesmerising subject. Well, if you follow NASA’s Instagram page you will further be stunned by the unusual occurrences that happen in space. 

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And now, netizens are left baffled with NASA’s latest post on Instagram. At first sight, the photo looks like an enormous cosmic hand that is stretching through the depths of space. And netizens call it to be the ‘Hand of God’. 

No, it’s not some fiction like in Marvel and DC comic books because it was captured by NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory. 

The “hand” was formed by the death of a star in a supernova explosion, explained ‘’. The massive explosion left behind the gold structure called a pulsar, Chandra team members explained on ‘’. 

The pulsar in this explosion is known as the PSR B1509-58. It is about 19 km in diameter and 17,000 light years away from Earth. 

While sharing the picture on Instagram, NASA explained: “The hand-shaped structure, seen in gold in these images, is a nebula of energy & particles blown by a #pulsar left behind after a star exploded. The pulsar, known as PSR B1509-58, is about 19 kilometers (12 miles) in diameter and it’s spinning around almost 7 times per second!(sic)” 

Well, the image of ‘Hand of God’ has left netizens wondering if it could really be some cosmic energy. Do you think so too? 

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