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WorldPortugal should be your wedding destination

Portugal should be your wedding destination

Published: 23rd Nov 2021 2:37 pm

New Delhi: Curating distinct and immersive events around the world, premium wedding and event planners transcend borders and bring forth unique virgin destinations. Kunal Laungani, chief consultant & co-founder chapter 2 events says Portugal may be become the next wedding destination for big fat Indian weddings.

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Untapped market
Portugal is a relatively unexplored segment for the Big Fat Indian Weddings. The country offers beautiful landscape and architecture, mountains, wine regions, coastal vibes all mixed in with a rich culture, fantastic food and entertainment, and easy accessibility, making it the perfect destination to curate unforgettable experiences for our clients.

Fairytale locales
Whether it’s a fairy-tale engagement at a palace in Sintra, a rustic wedding in the vineyards of the Douro Valley, or a dreamy beach reception on the coasts of Algarve, Portugal offers an unforgettable dream Indian wedding destination.

Diverse yet homogenous
Portuguese in itself is quite diverse with its offerings. Starting from Porto & Douro in the North engaging cultural and gastronomy/wine experiences, the region showcases authentic Portuguese hospitality amidst scenic mountains and enchanting valleys. As you move South, the capital ‘Lisbon’ exhibits the great history and cultural heritage combined with the hustle bustles of a fast-paced city. It has a lot to offer in terms of culinary experiences, nightlife, ballet shows, and other varied experiences. As we move further down to regions like Algarve & Faro, there are a lot of beachy resorts like the niche islands of Azores and Madeira for people to relax, soak some sun and unwind.

Network matters
When you visit any country or destination, you need to fully understand the ground realities in terms of actual operations and execution as there are a lot of complexities and requirements which go beyond the mandate of a typical group. Therefore, due diligence is imperative. Knowing the right people who can get the job done be it the designer, artist, transport and logistics coordinator, etc. is integral and vital to the overall planning.

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