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Entertainment#Shweta trending all over the internet, but who is she?

#Shweta trending all over the internet, but who is she?

Published: 19th Feb 2021 11:00 am

With the ongoing pandemic, every individual is stuck in their virtual worlds, be it work from home, online yoga sessions or online classes. But we do not seem to missing out much on the fun content. No one needs to be a celebrity star to rule the internet in the recent days, and one of the examples are the crazy memes which go around like fire in the social media platforms.

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We have seen ample of those ranging from ‘Binod’, ‘Vibing Cat’, ‘PUBG Ban – FAUG’, ‘Rasode me kon tha’ to ‘Pooja’.

Recently, Twitter has been flooded with #Shweta and it has been one of the top trends, including in Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. You may be thinking, who is Shweta and why is she trending?

It all started when a girl named Shweta, who was attending an online class in Zoom, shared interesting secrets or rather gossip to her friend, unfortunately with her microphone on. She goes on with how a boy who probably is a common friend to both, told her secrets which even his best friend does not know about.

In the audio clip which is viral now, one can hear how her fellow mates alerted her saying it is no more a secret with 111 people knowing about it. However, it fell to deaf ears and she went on with it, ultimately offering quite an entertainment to all.

As nothing remains ignored in this virtual world, #Shweta rose up to gaining most number of searches and tweeted subject.

Twitterati spiced up the trend with innumerous hilarious memes, with references from all-time favourite Bollywood films and characters too.

Here are a few of our favourites from the bunch-

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