Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Amrabad Tiger Reserve

Amrabad Tiger Reserve soon to launch trek to Prataparudra Fort

Hyderabad: Buoyed by the response from visitors for safari rides and trekking in Nallamala forests, Amrabad Tiger Reserve (ATR) is now planning to launch...

Tiger count up in Telangana

Population may be around 32 or even more, up from 26 in the last census in 2018-19

Telangana: Amrabad Tiger Reserve plans to use speed laser guns

Hyderabad: Worried over the increasing incidents of wild animals getting killed or injured due to over speeding of vehicles, Amrabad Tiger Reserve (ATR) is...

Safari rides, treks back in Amrabad Tiger Reserve

Apart from sighting wild animals, visitors will also learn about tiger conservation and lifestyle of Chenchus

Illegal fishing in Amrabad Tiger Reserve limits impacts big cat movement

Contractors from Vizag, Kakinada engage local fishermen to net fish in prohibited areas impacting tiger movement

Carnivore sign survey under progress at Amrabad Tiger Reserve

Hyderabad: Carnivore sign survey as part of the All India Tiger Estimates 2021-22 has begun in Amrabad Tiger Reserve (ATR), which is home to...

Telangana: Illegal cattle grazing threatens Amrabad Tiger Reserve

The practice damages flora & fauna as Juliflora (Sarcar Tumma) invades a large extent of its core area

Despite ground fires, Telangana managed to protect forest and animals in Amrabad: Centre

Telangana Government has taken several measures to combat forest fire incidents

More ‘eyes’ on tigers, poachers in Telangana

Telangana Forest Department proposes to install 1,000 more camera traps in addition to the existing 1,980 in Kawal Tiger Reserve .

Amrabad Tiger Reserve invites entries for contests

Hyderabad: The Amrabad Tiger Reserve, which falls under the Nallamala forest, is conducting competitions for people including school students to create awareness on tigers...

Amrabad Tiger Reserve invites entries for contests

The reserve is conducting drawing, online quiz, essay writing and photography competitions.

Amrabad Tiger Reserve survey helps sighting of endangered species

These sightings will now help the forest officials to initiate more measures and create the required ecology for increasing the population of such species in ATR.

Number of tigers in Amrabad reserve rises to 14

Last time, during the 2019 phase IV census, the forest department captured images of 12 identified tigers

Special stay packages in Amrabad Tiger Reserve soon

Amrabad Tiger Reserve will soon launch 'Tiger and leopard' stay packages comprising trekking, safari rides and jungle camp for visitors

Efforts on to check garbage menace at Amrabad Tiger Reserve

Officials have set up a plastic baling machine at Mannanur, besides tying up with an organisation which deals with recycling of plastic waste

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