Monday, January 17, 2022

Amrabad Tiger Reserve

Efforts on to check garbage menace at Amrabad Tiger Reserve

Officials have set up a plastic baling machine at Mannanur, besides tying up with an organisation which deals with recycling of plastic waste

Forest staff, corporate hospital join hands to set up isolation centre at Mannanur

Telangana Social Welfare Girls Residential School and College has now been transformed into an isolation centre, where people with Covid are now admitted to

Telangana forces AMD shelve uranium mining in Amrabad Tiger Reserve

The State government had consistently fought against the exploration move to protect the interest of Chenchu tribals and wildlife conservation, particularly the tigers.

Forest officials deny beating up tribal people in Amrabad Tiger Reserve

The incident took place on March 27, when forest officials caught some Lambada tribals while they were camping in the tiger reserve during night time to collect ‘ippa puvvu’.

Telangana: Forest dept to install 40 more solar borewells by March-end

At present, there are nearly 260 solar power borewells in national parks, different forest areas, including 40 in Kawal Tiger Reserve and 25 in the Amrabad Tiger Reserve range

Bonelli’s eagle spotted in Amrabad Tiger Reserve

The rare raptor documented in both Telugu States for the first time

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