Thursday, January 27, 2022


CLP India is now Apraava Energy

Hyderabad: Low-carbon energy provider CLP India has been rebranded as Apraava Energy. The company has set a target to double its existing energy portfolio...

Coffee waste can boost forest recovery

After only two years, the coffee pulp treated area had 80 per cent canopy cover compared to 20 per cent in the control area.

Comets brought carbon to Earth, Mars: Study

"Carbon is key to learning about the origins of life," said the paper's lead author, Charles Woodward, Professor at the University of Minnesota in the US.

IIT-H professor’s proposed Metals CO2 battery likely to come handy for Mars Mission

Sangareddy: An Indian Institute of Technology-Hyderabad (IIT-H) researcher's proposed work on Metals CO2 battery is likely to play a key role in Indian Mars...

Is cotton candy unhealthy?

What’s going on scientifically to make cotton candy is that as granulated sugar is heated sufficiently, the chemical bonds that hold together the crystal are broken down.

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