Sunday, November 28, 2021

Cyber crooks

Local cops take on cyber crooks

Hyderabad: As cyber crooks get personal, impersonating your friends and neighbours and even you, cops are also changing tactics to make the fight against...

Cyber crooks now hooked on ‘spoofing’

Hyderabad: Staying updated is becoming the motto for criminals too, if the methods being adopted by credit card fraudsters are considered. After using wireless skimmers...

Fraudsters cash in on Bitcoin buzz

Gangs create WhatsApp groups or directly contact victims through WhatsApp numbers beginning with ‘+44’ and lure them to invest in crypto-currency business

Hyderabad: Cyber crooks dupe student of Rs 70,000

Hyderabad: Cyber fraudsters cheated an engineering student from the city to the tune of Rs 70,000 in the guise of purchasing furniture on a...

Buying pets online a risky proposition

Animal lovers urged not to fall prey to fake advertisements and discounts

When cyber crooks act as the boss

With WFH, cyber fraudsters posing as boss of the company you work for make calls or send ‘urgent’ mails asking for money and dupe people

Cyber crooks cheat realtor of Rs.3.43 lakh in Hyderabad 

On the pretext of supplying the data, the fraudster on different instances collected Rs. 3.43 lakh through online transfer and later switched off his mobile phone.

Dearth of talent risky for cyber security

The dearth of trained cyber security professionals, in fact, has prompted a few institutes, including Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, to offer courses on cyber security

Crooks cash in on people’s desire to make quick money: Cops

According to Cybercrime officials, it is observed that in all investment frauds, fraudsters cash in on the greed in people, mostly youngsters and homemakers who want to make some quick money.

Lost money online? More hands to help now

MHA recently operationalised a national helpline number and a Citizen Financial Cyber Frauds Reporting and Management System in 16 States/Union Territories including Telangana

Cyber crooks out with new scams

From stealing personal data to fraud messages promising vaccine appointments, conmen are working overtime amid pandemic

‘Investment’ date, latest trap from cyber crooks

Latest Interpol notice says threat involves taking advantage of people’s vulnerabilities and luring them into a sophisticated fraud scheme

Interpol cautions of tricky 2021 for online shoppers

Cyberthreat Assessment 2021 released by the Interpol, primarily based on data from ASEAN countries but quite reflective of global threats, e-commerce data interception poses an emerging and imminent threat.

Hyderabad: Cyber crooks lay New Year traps

Create fake accounts of hotels, eateries with attractive offers to gain access to victim’s details

Three members of a gang arrested for cheating in Hyderabad

The police seized seven mobile phones, bank debit cards and also a country-made pistol along with six bullets from one of the gang members

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