Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Destination USA

Destination USA: All about EducationUSA programme

Hyderabad: We would like to open our column today by thanking our readers for joining last week’s International Education Week (IEW) celebrations hosted by...

Destination USA: Short-term programs

Hyderabad: If an individual is not currently enrolled at an institution for education, they may consider pursuing a certificate, diploma, or other type of...

Destination USA: Short-term study enhances professional qualification

A lot of students these days are interested in attending short-term study or exchange programs in the United States during summer break or over...

Everything you need to know about SEVIS

All international students have to pay SEVIS fee prior to their scheduled student visa interview

Destination USA: Federal student aid for US citizens

The student must be a US citizen with a valid Social Security Number and prove his need for financial support to get funds for...

Destination USA: Experience distance learning programmes

Several institutions offer part-time courses that require occasional on-campus attendance

Work part time while studying in the United States

Better understanding of CPT and OPT options for international students

Checklist for UG transfers in US institutions

Students should carefully go through eligibility criteria and policy on transfer of credits

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