Friday, January 28, 2022


Emirates Airlines resumes flights to select cities in US, Qatar Airways, Etihad to continue operations

Jeddah: In a major relief for US bound travellers, Dubai-based Emirates Airlines announced on Thursday that it will operate select flights to Boston, Houston...

US researchers develop ‘smart shirt’ to monitor heart

The fibers are just as conductive as metal wires, but washable, comfortable and far less likely to break when a body is in motion, according to the researchers.

New AI tool can prevent coronavirus mutations: Study

The AI-assisted method predicted 26 potential vaccines that would work against the coronavirus.

WhatsApp delays new privacy policy by three months amid severe criticism

The policy change was originally scheduled to come into effect on February 8, the Facebook-owned company said.

Biden’s win and Indo-US relations

He has promised to work with India in confronting challenges like climate change, global health and terrorism

JLF lit fests in Colorado, Houston, NY, Toronto to celebrate power of literature

The programming will include topics like the COVID-19 pandemic, crime-writing, environment, poetry, international politics, racial equality and discrimination, entertainment and fiction.

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