Friday, January 21, 2022


Israel reports first case of ‘Florona’: Report

Jerusalem: Israel has reportedly documented the first case of "Florona" -- a simultaneous infection with the Covid-19 and influenza. According to the news website Ynetnews,...

Covid-19 caused more complications than flu in kids: Study

Paediatric patients with Covid-19 showed higher rates of symptoms such as laboured breathing, loss of smell and gastrointestinal symptoms than those with influenza

Follow the Pediatric vaccine schedule even in coronavirus

Even the World Health Organisation has listed immunisation as an essential health service.

Samsung unveils ‘AirDresser’ in India for Rs 1.10 lakh

The launch comes at a time when various companies are bringing solutions to sanitise products and surfaces amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fake vaccines may hit market: Europol

EU’s law enforcement agency warns organised crime syndicates already on the job

Influenza infections may up pneumonia risk: Study

The presence of HtrA weakens the immune system and promotes bacterial growth in the influenza-infected airways.

Flu drug favipiravir shows promise in reining in Covid-19

Further research will have to determine whether humans can tolerate a high dose of favipiravir, favipiravir -- a broad-spectrum antiviral drug used in Japan to treat influenza -- for four to five days.

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