Monday, November 29, 2021


Rains keep snake catchers busy in Agra

All the snakes were kept under observation for a few hours and later released back into their natural habitat.

This Naga Panchami, Hyderabad-based NGO is all set to save snakes

According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), India holds the world record for the highest snake mortality on a single day.

New research records 8 more species of snakes in Delhi

The study recorded a total of 329 snakes in 23 species and nine families.

Putta Jayakar is on a mission to save snakes

Jayakar rescued nearly 8,000 snakes and 12 pythons over the last 15 years and was creating awareness against harming them

Snakes and the city of Hyderabad

Snake rescuers working round the clock to mitigate the conflict between humans and reptiles

No snake soup for Hong Kong’s young snake catcher

Ken Lee, a new breed of snake catchers strive to release the reptiles back into nature

Why animals are poached?

In addition to killing for direct profit, poachers target animals to prevent them from destroying crops or attacking livestock.

Telangana creating biodiverse ecosystems

Several forest areas see an increase in the number of birds and animals as the green cover is being revived

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