Thursday, January 27, 2022


MP: Poachers kill collared tigress by electrocution

Sidhi (MP): A radio-collared adult tigress from the Sanjay Tiger Reserve was allegedly killed by poachers through electrocution in Madhya Pradesh's Singrauli district, an...

Four poachers arrested for killing tigress in Mulugu

Mulugu: A tigress that made the forest areas of erstwhile Warangal district as its habitat for more than a year ago, was allegedly killed...

Madhya Pradesh: Tigress found dead in Panna reserve; 4th death in 10 days

The tigress was spotted with swelling in its left leg on May 12, the feline was then tranquilised and later released after being provided medical treatment.

Pregnant tigress poached in Maharashtra, worrying foresters of Telangana

According to sources and vernacular news reports, the four-year old tigress was found dead at a culvert by a forester on Monday morning.

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