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Vitamin D

Vitamin D supplements may reduce the duration of the common cold

London: After a couple of years of mask-wearing, social distancing and hand sanitising, the common cold is back. And – according to some people...

OU Professor develops Vitamin D test kit

Hyderabad: Dr P Muralidhar Reddy, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Osmania University, developed a new rapid detection test kit for Vitamin D that would...

Celebs raise the hotness quotient

As summer sets in, Hollywood film and TV stars are seen sporting bikinis and soaking in some sun

How to avoid Vitamin D deficiency while at home

Forced to stay indoors, people have become lethargic, put on weight, and developed various Vitamin deficiencies.

Vitamin D deficiency may increase risk for addiction to opioids: Study

The study, led by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), was published in the journal 'Science Advances'.

Vitamin D may not protect from Covid infection or severity

The team from McGill University in Quebec, Canada, analyzed genetic variants of 4,134 individuals with Covid-19, and 1,284,876 without Covid-19

Vitamin D helps Covid recovery: Study

NIMS and Gandhi Hospital research included 87 patients from across Telangana

New, effective treatment for vitamin D deficiency: Study

There are several million people worldwide with various fat malabsorption syndromes including those who have undergone gastric bypass surgery and those with obesity.

Relish your taste buds with this healthy chilled Badam Milk

As summers are approaching, a refreshing and healthy chilled badam milk seems like a blessing in disguise

Hyderabad doctors’ study says Vitamin D can fight Covid better

Vitamin D administered in the right quantities among patients ‘has significantly reduced the inflammatory markers associated with Covid-19 without any side-effects, said a study by nine senior doctors from NIMS and Gandhi Hospital

Vitamin D lessens severe eczema symptoms in kids: Study

The study, published in the journal Pharmacology Research & Perspectives, aimed to evaluate the impact of vitamin D supplementation on response to standard treatment in pediatrics with severe atopic dermatitis.

Vitamin D levels during pregnancy linked with child IQ

Foods that contain higher levels of vitamin D include fatty fish, eggs and fortified sources like cow's milk and breakfast cereals.

Supplements without checking Vitamin D, B12 levels can be unsafe

A doctor may recommend a lower or higher dose for you, depending on health conditions or the level of vitamin D in your blood.

What do fat-soluble vitamins do in our body?

Being fat-soluble, scientifically called lipophillic, these vitamins are stored in the fatty tissue — the adipose tissue — of our body.

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