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EntertainmentThis 'Shaandar Shukravaar' pays tributes to all the Mumbai ‘Bhidus’

This ‘Shaandar Shukravaar’ pays tributes to all the Mumbai ‘Bhidus’

Published: 25th Sep 2021 3:42 pm

Hyderabad: After a thorough preparation to speak ‘Shudh’ (pure) Hindi like that of the ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ host Amitabh Bachchan, popular actors and ‘bhidus’ of Mumbai – Suniel Shetty and Jackie Shroff – made an appearance as special guests on the ‘Shaandar Shukravaar’ episode of the show this week. 

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However, after a failed attempt to speak Hindi, the three men slowly came down to Mumbai slang while addressing each other as ‘bhidu’ which is referred to as a friendly man in local Mumbai dialect. 

When Jackie was quizzed by Amitabh on how he learnt the dialect, the ‘Bhoot Unkle’ star credits his life on Mumbai streets and also Amitabh Bachchan’s famous movie dialogues. Soon, Jackie is also seen complimenting Amitabh saying he looks ‘Rapchik’ (mind-blowing) in a suit. 

To the surprise of many, actors Jackie Shroff and Suniel Shetty share a friendship of over 45 years. And throughout the episode, actor Suniel Shetty recalled how the two friends were a pillar of strength in each other’s life from the beginning. The three men also spoke about how such friendships and pure relationships are no longer seen in the current world. 

Meanwhile, breaking the monotony of serious general knowledge questions, the ‘KBC’ team came up with a new game in between called ‘Pol Khol Ke Bol’ (Reveal the Secrets) where the two actors on the hot seat were asked some questions to make them reveal some secrets of their lives. Albeit hesitantly, the two actors held a prop with both their names on each side as they geared up for the fun session. 

During the game, host Amitabh Bachchan quizzes about who among the two can put the other person in danger and both the actors call for Suniel Shetty. Revealing the reason behind the vote, Jackie shares that Suniel can never keep a secret and also adds things that didn’t even happen. 

Well, the rest of the questions also talked about their friendship and bonding over the years. 

During the episode, the trio is also seen shaking a leg to Amitabh’s iconic “Chumma Chumma De De” and also showing some fitness exercises. As it is an episode of granting wishes, Jackie Shroff’s wish for Amitabh’s bow tie was granted by the host. 

The celeb guests on the hot seat won a sum of Rs 25,00,000 before the hooter puts a full stop right before the 14th question. The amount will be donated for the benefit of Thalassemia patients around the country and to Vipula foundation where deaf kids are treated. 

Here are the questions asked during the Friday episode: 

1)      According to a proverb, what is someone doing if ‘jhakh maar raha hai’? 

Ans: Wasting time 

2)      Which of these days of the week sounds similar to an ice cream preparation? 

Ans: Sunday 

3)      On what part of the body are loafers and flip-flops worn? 

Ans: Feet 

4)      Audio question: Which song begins with this instrumental piece? 

Ans: Oh Oh Jaane Jaana 

5)      Which of the following regions of Maharashtra lies on the coast of the Arabian Sea? 

Ans: Konkan 

 6)      In the 1978 film ‘Don’, apart from Mumbai Police, who among these is looking for Don? 

Ans: Interpol 

7)      Which FMCG company borrowed its name from the Mumbai suburb where it built its first factory in 1929? 

Ans: Parle 

8)      Audio question: Who is speaking in this audio clip? 

Ans: Nitin Gadkari 

9)      What is the name of the mythological enchantress seen in this illustration? (audience poll was used) 

Ans: Mohini 

10)   Rajapalayam, Kanni and Chippiparai are Indian breeds of which domesticated animal? 

Ans: Dog 

11)   In March 2021, which cricketer joined the ranks of Yuvraj Singh and Herschelle Gibbs, hitting six sixes in one over in international cricket? 

Ans: Kieron Pollard 

12)   Which fort in Maharashtra is considered to be the birthplace of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj? (50:50 lifeline was used) 

Ans: Shivneri 

13)   In which US city was the world’s first yoga university outside India, the Vivekananda Yoga University, launched in June 2020? (Ask the expert lifeline was used) 

Ans: Los Angeles 

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