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FeaturesWatch: Little Spider-Girl climbs wall without any support, netizens find it creepy

Watch: Little Spider-Girl climbs wall without any support, netizens find it creepy

Published: 19th Sep 2021 7:25 pm

You must have seen Spider Man climbing walls with the help of his sticky webs. Well, now meet this little girl who can climb walls like a Spider Man even without any superpowers.

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In the 55-second clip, which has now left netizens baffled, the girl is seen effortlessly climbing up the wall of a room just by using her arms and legs and no external support.

The video shows her placing the complete body weight and support on her hands and bare feet against two walls while pulling her body up towards the ceiling.

Furthermore, once she reaches the top, the girl releases her legs from the wall and lets them float in the air to chill for a few seconds. And then, she climbs down half of the wall in the same way and then finally jumps to the ground.

Watch now:

The video is now making waves on social media platforms and has racked up more than 5, 73,000 views and over 3,500 likes.

Several netizens were left surprised with the girl’s strength on her arms and legs. Also, many found it to be very creepy and some also compared it with some horror scenes of the devil walking up the wall.

“Ghosts in Bollywood movies used to climb like that,” wrote a user. “Had she crawled up over the ceiling… trust me mate… I would have called up an exorcist,” another wrote.

A third user wrote: “I love that, she must have magnetic or sticky hands and feet. It’s strange and incredible.”

“Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to this. I’d be on medication for the rest of my days,” yet another commented.

Well, what are your thoughts about this Spider Girl?

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