Daily wager needs Rs 20 lakh to save her baby’s life

By   |  Published: 21st Jun 2021  5:31 pmUpdated: 21st Jun 2021  6:27 pm

Saraswathi holds her baby close and weeps. Looking at the long scar across the 5-month-old infant’s stomach, she’s unable to control her emotions.

“How could this happen to my baby? How can fate be so cruel to a child before he’s had the chance to even live his life?” she wails.

The birth of her son was one of the best days of Saraswathi’s life. He was the perfect addition to her small family, and his elder sister and father adored him as well.

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“Everything was going so well. We are poor people and don’t have much, but this never affected our happiness. Our children’s laughter and smiles have always been enough to keep me and my husband, Rajasekhar, content,” she says.

Unfortunately, when she thinks of her son’s birth now, Saraswathi is only reminded of how her little baby is being snatched away from her just a few short months after arriving in this world.

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“About a week after he was born, we noticed he was having some difficulty breathing. The doctors asked us to monitor him, and prescribed some medicines. I strictly followed all instructions for a month, and things seemed to be getting better. I thought the worst was behind me.”

Yet, her baby’s health took another hit when he was diagnosed with jaundice at just a month old.

This time, Saraswathi and Rajasekhar took their son straight to the hospital.

They waited anxiously while their baby underwent a number of tests. Saraswathi prayed the entire time, hoping her son’s condition wouldn’t be anything serious.

Unfortunately, her prayers seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. Her little baby was diagnosed with biliary atresia with a perimembranous ventricular septal defect.

This disease is threatening her baby’s life. Without an immediate liver transplant, the boy won’t make it past the age of 1.

“When I heard the news, I was shocked to my core. Rajasekhar works on a farm and I’m a daily wage labourer. Even if we work non-stop for days, we won’t be able to come up with Rs 20 lakh ($ 27562.80) needed in time to save our baby’s life.”

Despite borrowing money from relatives, they can’t afford the transplant.


Saraswathi has even matched as a donor, ready to go to any extent to save her baby’s life. “I wish I could switch places with him– his life has not even begun, he doesn’t deserve to have it snatched away like this,” she weeps.

Now, they are forced to watch their son as he struggles to hang on to life every day.

Your donations are the only thing that can change this poor boy’s cruel fate.

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