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TelanganaExperts call for caution ahead of third wave

Experts call for caution ahead of third wave

Published: 11th Jul 2021 11:51 pm

Hyderabad: Covid cases have been receding steadily in Telangana after the severe surge during second wave in March-April. However, recent developments in Kerala, where cases of Covid have increased, highlight the need to be cautious and realise the possibility of a third Covid wave, albeit with a lesser peak, in the coming weeks or months.

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Realising the need to be prepared for such an eventuality, the State government has already started preparing for another possible cycle of rise in Covid infections. However, citizens too should not be caught off-guard and must be prepared for a third wave, in case it happens, senior health officials told Telangana Today.

Epidemiologists in Telangana who are closely tracking the pandemic said they had observed a six-month cycle of surge and drop in infections. “At the moment, the second cycle or wave of Covid-19 is receding but after some time another wave could be expected with a lower peak,” they said.

The possibility of third Covid wave is also based on the fact that all major countries including the UK, Russia, France, Italy, Germany and Bangladesh have already experienced or are in the middle of a third Covid cycle. There are other countries such as the United States, India and Brazil that have witnessed the peak of second Covid wave and daily new infections are steadily receding.

In the last few days, weekly Covid infections have steadily increased in Odisha, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and several North-Eastern States.

There is also a rise in instances of people not following Covid appropriate behaviour. Another worrying factor is that unlike a majority of districts, Covid infections in districts of Telangana sharing borders with neighbouring States have not witnessed a downward trend in infections, which is a clear indication of a prolonged second wave. To ensure Covid infections drop, Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao recently directed the health wing to conduct fresh round of fever survey between July 11 and 13 in these districts.


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