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BusinessIndia to pursue self reliance, support domestic entrepreneurs: Rajiv Kumar

India to pursue self reliance, support domestic entrepreneurs: Rajiv Kumar

Published: 30th Oct 2020 7:52 pm

New Delhi: India will pursue self reliance and give domestic entrepreneurs the best possible environment to go forward, Niti Aayog Vice Chairman Rajiv Kumar said on Friday. Kumar while addressing a virtual event organised by industry body FICCI further said India is committed to the global economy and opening trade order.

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“We will pursue self reliance, we will give our domestic entrepreneurs the best possible environment to go forward. We will, while attracting FDI, also repose our faith and trust in those who have already invested in India,” he said.

Kumar also noted that the government will give more space to private entrepreneurs, because without them whether domestic or foreign, India will not be able to achieve the kind of sustainable growth that the country wants.

“Yes, we will do all of this, as all other nations have done. But it will be done in the global context. It will be done in India, remaining open. It will be done with India trying to regain its share in global and regional production chains, it will be done  with the respect to  multilateral trading orders, and rule bound orders” he emphasised.

Kumar also pointed out that if any support to domestic industry will be given by the government through tariffs then it would have an in-built sunset clause. “And it will not imply in any sense, any form of isolation or protectionism,” he said.

Kumar also pointed out that the government has introduced production linked incentive (PLI) schemes for 9-10 sectors and in case of 4 sectors, government decisions have already been taken. “The objective of PLI schemes is to incentivise investors in this country to put up globally comparable capacity in scale and in competitiveness,” he said.

Noting that the government has taken Covid-19 pandemic as an opportunity Kumar said,”we have rationalised the labour laws, we have liberated our farmers, we have liberalised the FDI scheme.” He stressed on the need to increase the share of trade in India’s GDP. “We need to increase spending on health, education,” Kumar said adding human resources, health and welfare will be the centre of India’s growth strategy. He also said the government is pushing electric mobility in a strong way.

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