It is the golden period for actors, says Tisca Chopra

Apart from the big screen films, the 46-year-old actor has been seen in short films – ‘Chutney’ and ‘Chhuri’ and recently in an OTT series called ‘Hostages’.

By   |  Published: 16th Nov 2020  5:45 pm

Having come to the limelight after her role as a doting mother to a dyslexic boy in ‘Taare Zameen Par’ (2007), Tisca Chopra has since tried experimenting with the roles she takes up. Apart from the big screen films, the 46-year-old actor has been seen in short films – ‘Chutney’ and ‘Chhuri’ and recently in an OTT series called ‘Hostages’. The ‘Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji’ actor gets talking to Hyderabad Today about her journey as an actor.

Excerpts from the interview:

Your Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films – Chutney and Chhuri, have both been lauded by the audience even today. What do you find is different about being a part of short films? Any upcoming short films?

Both films are very special to me. Chutney is my first film as a writer and producer. It was also the first time that I experimented so severely with my looks, so it is really a special film for me. The best part about being part of Royal Stag Barrel Select LSF is that they are people who give opportunities to new makers like me to make short films. You can experiment with content and a lot of other things which feature-length films probably don’t allow you. My next short film is ‘Roobaroo’, in which I have directed and acted in along with producing with Royal Stag LSF. The short film revolves around the inner life of an artist and is out on 28 November.

You have recently entered the world of OTT with Hostages. How was your experience shooting for an OTT series?

The good thing about working on an OTT platform is that when you do a series with ten seasons it is almost like doing five movies. You can really explore the lengths and layers of the character and grow with the character. This level of engagement is not seen in other mediums.

OTT is said to be the future of cinema. What’s your take on that? Do you think people will return to the theatres after they reopen?

I certainly think people will return to theatres once they open properly. Yes, OTT is going to be one of the ways that people will consume content but community viewing and people viewing films in cinemas are not going to go away. It might evolve to smaller community theatres but I don’t think the big-ticket movies are going anywhere.

You have been seen in several Bollywood films, Good Newz being the last, how do you describe your journey so far?

I am enjoying myself tremendously. I am writing, acting and also backing the kind of content I believe in. I think it is the golden period for actors. The limitations of age or gender or any other sort are slowly fading away. And people who are committed to their craft and want to engage with the audience are finding plentiful work. And so, this is the golden period for actors.

Quick Five:

Dream Role: A Cop
Fav Short Film: Chutney
Fav Pastime: Watching films
Lockdown Lesson: Create else vegetate
If not an actor: An architect or product designer