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EntertainmentKristen nails Princess Diana's portrayal

Kristen nails Princess Diana’s portrayal

Published: 24th Sep 2021 7:32 pm

Washington: The much-awaited trailer of actor Kristen Stewart-starrer ‘Spencer’, an upcoming biographical drama about the late Princess Diana, is finally out.

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Taking to Instagram, Neon, one of the production companies behind the project, shared the official trailer for ‘Spencer’. “SPENCER. They think they know everything: They don’t. A fable from Pablo Larrain. Starring Kristen Stewart as Diana Spencer. SPENCER arrives in theatres, November 5,” the post read.

While the one-minute teaser trailer released last month showed Stewart uttering just two words, the trailer gives a more in-depth look at Princess Diana as she joins the royal family for the Christmas holiday — and decides to leave her fractured marriage to Prince Charles.

The trailer opens on Queen Elizabeth’s (Stella Gonet) asking if her daughter-in-law has arrived yet and declaring with a deep breath, “Then she’s late,” as Stewart’s character drives a convertible down a country road.

Upon Diana’s arrival at the Sandringham estate, a children’s choir rendition of Lou Reed’s ‘Perfect Day’ plays as she greets her sons, then washes her hands and tells herself, “Three days. That’s it.” The princess is advised to “stand very still and smile a lot” as she prepares for the holiday festivities, from a formal dinner to church services.

At one point, Prince William (Jack Nielen) asks, “Mommy, what’s happened to make you so sad?” Diana later fights back tears while storming down a corridor in a ballgown and faces off with Prince Charles (Jack Farthing).

The powerful trailer promises a dramatic and focussed take on the character of Princess Diana, which has been often been reduced to either evil or the very definition of goodness in the public imagination.’Spencer’ is scheduled to release in theatres on November 5.

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