Monday, October 25, 2021


Oldest monkey fossils found

According to the researchers, the samples collected from a mine in southeastern Yunan Province in China are some of the very oldest fossils of monkeys outside of Africa.

The fastest possible speed of sound recorded at 36 km/sec

Sound waves can travel through different mediums, such as air or water, and move at different speeds depending on what they're travelling through.

Study suggests friendships make one feel more supported

Results showed that the denser the networks, the more support that participants said they would be able to receive from them.

Postal services brought revolution globally

World Post Day started in 1969.

Can a gadget eliminate 99% of airborne viruses?

While wearing a mask and maintaining social distance are the basics, one can also ensure their air surrounding is virus free.

An immersive virtual wedding fair

With preferences towards intimate and open-air ceremonies, the face of the Indian wedding industry is undergoing a transformation like never before.

68% youth anxious to share relationship issues with parents: Survey

The data revealed that 42 percent of the parents hadn't been in a relationship before and hence might find it hard to empathise with their children.

‘I dream of making Indian cuisine world’s number one’

Nutritional benefits of Indian food have always been high, and give you complete nutrition that one needs.

All eyes on the big screen

As theatres are set to open business, there is a palpable sense of excitement and expectations from both fans and industry players

Soaring high with pride

An interesting pep-talk was also given by an Air Force Officer whose daughter is apparently an alumnus of Pallavi Model School, Alwal.

Today’s girls are tomorrow’s leaders

These girls are unstoppable, and their innovations are on their way to pave the path for global admiration.

Tanishq ‘Ekatvam’ ad pulled after outrage

The jewellery brand's new advertisement called 'Confluence' received flak for featuring an interfaith baby shower

Stealing hearts with homemade goodies

It's their 'Luv for Food' that made childhood friends Sailaja Cheruvu and Sashikala Tekal from the city start a venture together

Fur, wool, hair: what’s the difference?

The length, thickness and density of these hair types contribute to the incredible diversity we see in mammals' furry pelts.

Is fruit juice healthier than whole fruit?

Even if the fruit juice is freshly squeezed on the spot, drinking the juice is less healthy than eating the fruit whole.
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