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EntertainmentNothing stays forever for Lucky Ali

Nothing stays forever for Lucky Ali

Published: 24th Aug 2021 2:55 pm

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Lucky Ali is one name that in today’s time everyone knows of. His 1990’s hits such as “O sanam” or “Teri yaadein aati” among many others still are fresh and hit the right chord.

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The pop-singer finds it a blessing that even after so many years people connect with him but as he says for artistes nothing stays forever.

Lucky talked about his numbers still being as fresh as when they had first dropped and that still striking a chord with the listeners of all age groups.

He said: “That is a blessing. I am grateful to the almighty for something like that for us generally nothing stays forever. But for as long as you are there and you are able to express yourself and make sense you are relevant and the moment you give in to market requirements that is when it is the end.”

Has he felt the pressures of staying relevant? “No. I remember once when I first got recognition for my work, it was new to me personally. I had seen that in my family… A lot of members from my family have found success in their field and one thing that I learned from them was that they worked together.”

He added: “It was never about ‘selves’. It was about us… It was never about I… And I felt that one day if I am not able to make sense that will be the end of it…”
“I accepted that right in the beginning of my career that if I won’t have anything to say I won’t say it. Many times I have nothing to say so that’s why the gaps.”The singer recently featured in MTV’s 10-episode musical show titled “Unacademy Unwind”.

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