Friday, September 17, 2021

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Time to bank on MSME growth

With bad loans set to move to the proposed ARC, banks can turn their focus back on lending to MSMEs

Go for development with no cost

No South Asian nation, except Bhutan, has a development plan that meets its requirements in sync with nature

Imagining homes and homelands

We see ourselves and the distant others as occupying the same risky, immune-compromised spaces

Can Cong-Left tip Bengal balance?

If the combine can prevent anti-incumbency votes from going to the BJP, it will help Trinamool big

India, Myanmar and a puzzle

New Delhi never tied its knot with Suu Kyi in the manner it did in the case of the Dalai Lama

Why we should amend Article 356

Imposing President’s rule in a State is an exclusive purview of the executive and not of the judiciary

Sri Lanka’s U-turn shouldn’t shock India

Despite India planning to strengthen its bond with the island nation, Colombo scrapped the East Container Terminal project

Panchayat election fracas in AP

The SEC has powers of superintendence and conduct of elections but cannot usurp all governmental functions

Bad bank for good banking

This new initiative must be used as an opportunity to mend the credit culture in the long-term interest of growth

We need both MSP and PDS

Make structural and administrative changes to improve them and serve our economically heterogeneous population better

Reorient economics, cut inequity

The social contract upon which the modern state’s legitimacy rests turns redundant if the state overlooks its obligations

Fishing in troubled waters

The Katchatheevu island issue that has been festering since 1974 cannot continue to remain unaddressed

‘We have spent, spent, spent’

Sitharaman defends accounting of govt expenditure while stressing that revenue statements have become a lot more transparent.

Democracy and discrete tragedies

If a democracy relies on informed consent and informed decision-making, then its subjects need reliable information

Mamata, Ram and Siddiqui

The instant decision of not delivering her speech in protest against the “discourtesy” and “breach of dignity” was well thought out
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