Seamless shaving is every man’s right

From using the right shaving brush to after-shave products, follow these useful tips to get rid of your ugly stubble

By   |  Shahnaz Husain  |  Published: 20th Feb 2021  6:29 pm

Most men rush through a shave in the morning ignoring their skin conditions. Shaving the wrong way causes dull and dry skin.

Men have a lot oilier and thicker skin, more facial hair and bigger sebaceous glands when compared to women. Hence, using razors to shave can cause ingrown hair, razor burns, cuts, rashes and nicks. With modern fancy blade razors and innovative techniques, shaving can become a pleasant morning activity for men who wish to get rid of the ugly stubble.

Proper shaving techniques can go a long way in avoiding problems and also dealing with them when they occur.

One needs to follow proper razor hygiene by replacing your razor every 10 shaves or every few weeks if you shave after few days.

Your razor should be sharp, fresh, smooth and clean and from a reputed brand for seamless shaving. Be sure to rinse your blade with hot water and then store it in a cool, dry place, until your next shave.

Many after-shave products are alcohol-based, causing dryness, skin irritation and sensitivity. The other problems that can result from daily shaving are ingrown hair or coarse hair growing in a curved hair follicle. Dead skin cells or hardened oil collecting in the pores can often cause irritation and ingrown hair.

One should select shaving and after-shave products with care. A mild face wash or cleanser would also help to counteract dryness. In fact, in cases of dryness, it may be a good idea to discontinue soap and use a cleansing gel instead. Before shaving, ensure that the beard is thoroughly wet. The hair is porous and absorbs the water. This makes shaving easier. Many men prefer to shower before shaving and this makes the beard totally wet. Or, apply luke warm water to the face before shaving.

Use a shaving cream that contains moisturizers and emollients (lubricants). It should produce a rich creamy lather. It would be best to leave the cream on for a minute and then start shaving, so that the beard is soft.

Choosing the right shaving brush is also important. The bristles should not be too soft or too hard. Everyone uses circular movements with the brush to work up lather, but if more pressure is applied as you go upwards, it will help to lift the beard and make cutting easier. It is needless to say that the blade should be sharp, because a close shave helps to avoid problems.

There is a common shaving misconception that it is better to make long, continuous strokes, from upper cheek to the bottom of your neck. In actuality, you are better off with short precise strokes which allow you to better control the amount of downward pressure you are placing on your razor, which helps limit irritation.

Rinse the face with luke warm water after shaving, ending with a cold water rinse. Then apply an after-shave oil, lotion, balm or cream to soothe the skin.An after-shave cream containing sandalwood is a powerful natural antiseptic.

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