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Columns'Suspects: Mystery Mansion', a second take murder and mafia

‘Suspects: Mystery Mansion’, a second take murder and mafia

Published: 16th May 2021 11:40 pm

Hyderabad: As our ideas of leisure have changed in the last two years, sometimes we look for games not to master but to spend time with our loved ones and ‘Suspects: Mystery Mansion’ is one such game. Extremely similar to ‘Among Us’ but also so very different.

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Right off the bat, this game needs more than four people to play and the more the merrier. For the last two weeks, my friends and me have started around 9.45 pm and gone on past midnight everyday navigating the game’s mansion debating and fearing for our lives.

The casual atmosphere and the variety of tasks this game offers are one of a kind. The visual polish and the sound effects make the mansion come alive as you scurry around doing rudimentary tasks. Sometimes you can’t help but shudder as you fix a complex set of pipes with another player in close proximity as thunder roars in the background. This game is the 2021 successor to Among Us.

What ‘Suspects’ does differently is the native chat and speech features in the lobby. The conversation as people ‘sus’ and defend can be quite riveting. Another great feature is the ability to navigate the mansion as a ghost when you get killed off, you can go through walls and listen to other players discuss.

The post-game commentary and gloating make the entire experience as my friends would say very ‘wholesome.’ Also different are the playable avatars as they are simply too cute and have exceptional options to personalise, unique headgear for example. I had a mouse with a chef’s hat that looked exactly like Ratatouille.

However, no game is perfect and neither is Suspects. The speech ability that stands out is inconsistent and crashes too frequently. The lobby has an upper limit of 10 players in most game modes and the game needs some serious upkeep if it needs to truly replace Among Us. I also feel the game could offer its players some more customisability.

Despite its flaws we have got a winner here and a must play for this summer. Its free and offers nothing but fun, we could all do with a little bit of that right now.

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