Sunday, November 28, 2021

Barack Obama

War lost Battle won

As the US called curtains on its ‘forever war’ and evacuated its last soldier, it left behind a country in a complete mess. Even...

Barack Obama distributes 1,000 custom masks on his 60th birthday

The former President of the United States distributed several custom masks to his guests; however, it seems they weren’t put to good use.

A gap year in Covid times? Why not!

The linear academic journey is not the only one you will go on.

Prateek Kuhad’s ‘Shehron Ke Raaz’ music video released

The celebrated independent artiste is best known for his track "Cold/Mess", which was included in former US President Barack Obama's "Favorite Music of 2019" list. He went on to become a youth icon for music aficionados with his melodious voice.

Cuba without Castros

With the Castro era coming to a close after over six decades and the economy in a spin, will Cuba now sync with change?

Biden’s Afghan move is flawed

Complete exit from Afghanistan without ensuring real “enduring freedom” will mean a US failure

US troops to exit from Afghanistan

The longest-running conflict in US history, the war in Afghanistan has led to the deaths of nearly 2,400 American troops, and cost the country around $2 trillion.

Biden expands ‘Obamacare’ by cutting health insurance costs

The administration announced on Tuesday that people will now be able to enroll for subsidised coverage until August 15, an extension of three months.

Biden will prove good for India

The US cannot afford to alter its policy towards New Delhi for it needs India to balance Chinese power in Asia

Obama, Springsteen team up for Spotify-exclusive podcast

The production company, Higher Ground, owned by Michelle and Barack Obama, signed a deal with Spotify in 2019, committing themselves to creating exclusive podcasts for the platform.

Barack Obama to be guest at ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

According to Variety, Obama will be sitting down with Kimmel to discuss his new memoir, A Promised Land, which is the first of two books about his presidency.

Obama’s book unleashes Western stereotype of violence, caste in India

"A Promised Land" ends with 2011 and the next volume is to pick up after that.

Biden wins more votes than any other presidential candidate in US history: Report

Biden surpassed the popular vote record of 69,498,516 set by Obama in 2008.

FBI says extremist threatened Trump, Obama in online posts

“I say we hang everything currently governing us, they're all guilty!! per cent And what a deterrent, Rope!!! percent"

Obama warns Biden supporters not to be ‘complacent’ despite polls

"There were a whole bunch of polls last time. Didn't work out. Because a whole bunch of folks stayed at home. And got lazy and complacent. Not this time. Not this election."

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