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Why is Census important?

In India, a census is conducted every decade and Census 2021 will be the 16th national census of the country.

China’s three children policy

The country’s fertility rate has now dropped to 1.3, far below the replacement level of 2.1 necessary for each generation to be fully replenished.

Over 1 crore fully vaccinated in Andhra Pradesh

This accounts for nearly 20 per cent of the population of the state and with this Andhra Pradesh surpassed the national vaccination average in a trice to forge ahead

Less than 2 pc population affected by COVID in India, 98 pc still vulnerable

From 17.13 per cent of the total caseload reported on May 3, it has reduced to 13.3 per cent.

These two Telangana villages keeping Covid at bay with ‘discipline’

Gollapalli, a village in Devaruppula mandal of Jangaon district and Chainpaka of Chityal mandal in Bhupalpalli district, have stood their ground and successfully kept the virus at bay

India reaping ‘lockdown dividend’ by saving lives: Eco Survey

Faced with enormous uncertainty, India adopted a strategy of Bayesian updating to continually calibrate its response while gradually unlocking and easing economic activity.

If you cannot provide a good education to children, quit: Sisodia

The war of words between the political leaders of the two states started when Kejriwal announced on Tuesday that the AAP would contest the forthcoming Uttar Pradesh assembly elections in 2022.

Ketto seeing surge in medical crowdfunding

Varun Sheth, CEO & co-founder told Telangana Today, “In the initial two years of our operations, we focused on startups, ideas and businesses. We gradually shifted our focus to social and non-profit purposes.

Child malnutrition surges in war-torn Yemen: UN

In September, the UN said that critical aid had been cut at 300 health centres and more than a third of its major humanitarian programmes had been reduced or shut down entirely.

New tool predicts risk of Covid hospitalisation, death

"The tool provides nuanced information on people's risk of serious illness due to Covid-19 and is designed for use by clinicians with patients to reach a shared understanding of risk."

Bamboo nests for birds in urban areas

“Building of nests has become a challenge for the birds, particularly for the house sparrows due to different reasons."

Urban air pollution may make COVID-19 more deadly, says study

"Long-term exposure to urban air pollution, especially nitrogen dioxide, might enhance populations' susceptibility to severe COVID-19 death outcomes,"

Japan seeks to boost catch limits of prized bluefin tuna

The countries participating in management of the Pacific bluefin committed in 2017 to reducing their catches to help return the species to 20% of its historic size by 2034.

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