ANINV: A pioneering platform for street animals

Lakshman Molleti’s ANINV invents mechanical tools to address challenges being faced by animals

By   |  Namrata Srivastava  |  Published: 27th Feb 2021  12:29 am
The team has developed a product named ‘Sharp Lock’ to guard the animals against sharp objects in the garbage. The product is awaiting a patent and will be launched in June.

Hyderabad: Street animals too need a little bit of tender love and care. And that is what Lakshman Molleti is attempting by setting up a standard research and development centre for animals called ANINV. The ANINV team invents mechanical tools to address challenges being faced by animals.

“I was attached to the animals from a very young age. But I never had a pet,” shares Lakshman. “When I moved to Pune for a job, I took in a handicapped dog. Living with him made me realise what an injured or disabled or abused animal goes through. I grew so attached to him that I let go of my plans to shift abroad for my career. Unfortunately he passed away last year,” says Lakshman.

When he moved back to Hyderabad, Lakshman saw several animals that needed help. And thus, while pursuing an IT job, he started the Animals Water Bowl Project (AWBP) Trust in 2017. The vision of AWBP Trust was to create a platform where every street animal gets safe drinking water round-the-clock throughout the year.

“Like humans, water is a basic necessity for all animals. Many animals suffer from challenges like dehydration, skin infections, fever and viral infections because of unavailability of drinking water. Many even lose lives because of this. My idea was to provide these animals with healthier surroundings,” he shares.

ANINVNow, through ANINV, Lakshman wants to create a bigger impact by uplifting animal welfare. “Many times animals die because of a road accident, get handicapped or paralysed. In many cases, animals eat sharp objects like broken glass pieces or razor etc, while looking for food in garbage dumps, and die. While we have so many new innovations for humans, we have no products to save animals from such things,” he points out.

At ANINV, the effort is to continuously engage with selected groups in identifying challenges faced by animals. “Once we come up with a solution, we transform it into mechanical tools and release it in the market,” he says, adding that ANINV’s products were cost efficient.

Stray animals don’t reside in gated communities. Most of them live near slums. And people in these areas don’t have much money. “So, we want to make sure that our products are not expensive, so that everyone can afford it,” he explains.

Currently, the team has developed a product to guard animals against sharp products in garbage. Named ‘Sharp Lock’, the product is awaiting a patent before it will be released in the market in June 2021. The organisation aims at producing and selling 50,000 Sharp Locks this year.

“I don’t want innovations for animals to be limited to ANINV only. I want to motivate other youngsters to innovate and help the animals. We have to realise that the planet is not just ours. It belongs to all species equally,” he adds.

Currently, ANINV has developed a product to guard animals against sharp products in garbage.

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