Monday, September 27, 2021

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Not all black & white in Afghanistan

Pakistani military-intelligence apparatus can celebrate for now but there will be blowback for sure

Opinion: Countering vaccine hesitancy

A coherent and innovative bottom-up action plan is the way forward to combat the infodemic

Who is to be blamed for Afghans’ plight?

We cannot absolve the US and Pakistan of the mess, and the erstwhile Soviet Union too

Opinion: Taliban victory is no Pakistan triumph

Failure of Istanbul conference reflects Pak’s inability to persuade Taliban

30 years of reforms and 3 failures

Income inequality, poverty and unemployment have deepened and the pandemic has accentuated them further

Opinion: Rising menace of floods

The National Flood Commission recommendations have failed to achieve much success in mitigating floods

Don’t compromise Central varsities

These centres of excellence will lose their sheen if the common admissions, curriculum, and faculty mobility are implemented

Status quo to boost growth

The differentiating aspect of the current monetary policy review is the convincing optimism that can propel market sentiments

Promises to keep and politicians

The judgment of Delhi Court on enforceability of promises made by constitutional functionaries could have a big impact

Opinion: An idea whose time has come

If implemented well, Dalit Bandhu will drive a structural shift in the economy, and enhance the lives of poor young people

Safeguard our cultural wealth

World Heritage tag and the consequent economic benefits can give a huge boost to conservation efforts

Opinion: Telangana on firm financial footing

The State has kept the Budget balanced maintaining the deficit regulations positive despite less Central transfers

Plugging the gaps in NEP

Colleges should continue to be affiliated to universities to ensure quality education

Opinion: Medical salve for social justice

The opening up of medical colleges across India will help improve representation and make the profession more inclusive

Opinion: Even-steven on social media

Contrary to belief, social media still has a limited role in Indian elections, but its impact will only increase
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