Monday, September 27, 2021

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The cryptocurrencies conundrum

There are some significant challenges inherent in dealing with cryptocurrencies

Opinion: Her right to equality

India needs ‘disruptive change’ to shatter patriarchal social norms

Opinion: Routes to asset monetisation

In cases of public and private sector collaboration, due diligence is critical

Opinion: Revival of freedom state is key

It is imperative that the Indian state facilitates more participative rather than authoritarian governance

Opinion: Do not delay policy on child labour

Poverty is no excuse as every child is entitled to right to education

Opinion: Khalistanis and Taliban

Those running ‘Sikhs for Justice’ campaign have only exposed themselves with their ‘love’ for a bigoted regime

Opinion: Rejuvenating tourism during pandemic

Uncertainties in foreign travel offer an opportunity to go big on domestic tourism

Opinion: The tragedy of Afghanistan

Since the country has no history of democracy, restoring the tribal Loya Jirga (Grand Council) is the way

Opinion: Continue basic immunisation of children

Don’t change immunisation schedule and adhere to age-specific recommendations on vaccines

Opinion: No evidence yet on Taliban 2.0

The world is waiting to see their approach towards people and the first major test is government formation

Opinion: Closure of schools and learning loss

A systematic response for ‘catching up’ is required once schools reopen

Opinion: Negotiating vaccine inequity and hesitancy

Planning at the district level in India will be crucial in the journey ahead

Opinion: Nurture the IBC baby

It is a myth to assume that valuations are precise, one can only be less wrong

Opinion: Punished for healthcare spending

Credit ratings are penalising poorer countries for investing in healthcare during the pandemic

Opinion: A Chipko-like movement in our daily life

We need to practise what has been passed down and revere nature to fight climate change
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