Wednesday, December 1, 2021
TelanganaShamshabad Police seize spurious seeds worth Rs 2 crore

Shamshabad Police seize spurious seeds worth Rs 2 crore

Published: 26th Jun 2021 1:27 am

Hyderabad: The Shamshabad Police Special Operations Team intercepted a truck and seized 1.5 tonnes of BG-II cotton seeds at Shadnagar toll plaza. They also raided a cold storage unit at Balanagar and seized 14.4 tonnes spurious maize, paddy and bajra seeds here on Friday. The seized spurious seeds are worth Rs 2.1 crore, officials said.

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The persons arrested at Shadnagar were K Mahesh (39) from Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, G Doddanna (35) from Jogulamba Gadwal and Ch Jayanna (35) from Jogulamba Gadwal, all seed suppliers. Those arrested in the spurious seeds unit are Shaik Vali (35) from Athvelly, P Ravi (43), P Purnachander (51) from Maharashtra and Shaik Ghouse, also from Maharashtra.
According to the police, during the sowing season, Shaik Vali observes the market and shortlists the companies whose seeds have demand in market, and approaches Mahesh for procuring spurious or rejected seeds from farmers at a cheaper rate instead of destruction of seeds.

“Mahesh who has previous experience in procuring seeds would approach different organizers including Doddanna, who contacted local farmers who rejected seeds and made them sell seeds to Mahesh for recovery of the investment amount,” said VC Sajjanar, Police Commissioner, Cyberabad.

Mahesh and Shiva Shankar sell the same to Shaik Vali on commission. After procurement of the seeds Shaik Vali prepares fake seeds pouches of different companies and sells them in the market through mediators and to farmers directly, thereby they cheat customers.

Police advisory

*Do not purchase unbranded company seeds without labeling them in market.
*Do not purchase loose seeds from unknown persons
*Do not purchase BG-III (HT) cotton seeds, which are causing damage to environment.
*Purchase branded company seeds from authorised dealers.

Any information about spurious seeds may be informed on 9490617444 or Dial 100.

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