Saturday, October 16, 2021

Animal Warriors Conservation Society

Bird lovers rescue Oriental Darter near Ameenpur lake

Sangareddy: Members of Animal Warriors Conservation Society (AWCS) rescued an Oriental Darter (Anhinga melanogaster) which got entangled in discarded threads and released it into...

Animal Warriors fight to ‘Bring Back Sparrows’

In order to conserve these little birds, AWCS has installed over 1,640 nesting boxes in Hyderabad and surrounding areas in last three years

Telangana: Birds hit by soaring temperatures in Sangareddy

Speaking to Telangana Today, Animal Warriors Conservation Society (AWCS) founder Pradeep Nair said that many of the rescued birds were suffering from sunstroke and dehydration since they could not find enough water.

AWCS to place 150 water bowls for birds across Hyderabad

Pradeep Nair, founder of AWCS, said the society will supply water bowls to citizens who are willing to place them close to their residences and fill them regularly to save birds and other animals throughout the summer

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