Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Gitanjali Vedika

Gitanjali Vedika: Kids celebrate festive season

Hyderabad: The tiny tots of Gitanjali Vedika celebrated Dussehra with great enthusiasm. Dressed in colourful traditional clothes, they sang and danced, accompanied by their...

Gitanjali Vedika: Little ones pay tributes to Bapu

Hyderabad: On the birth anniversary of the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi, the young scholars of Gitanjali Vedika paid a glowing tribute to...

Gitanjali Vedika: Devotion, creativity, fun at Ganesh Chaturthi

Student from grade 6 made an impressive statue of Lord Ganesha using only turmeric powder.

Students of Gitanjali Vedika convey gratitude to teachers through poems, music

The students expressed their adoration and gratitude towards their teachers through poetry and music as art expresses what the soul feels.

Gitanjali Vedika: Children turn nostalgic at virtual party

The students had to gather fifteen food items that the teacher listed into their shopping bags within a fixed time.

Gitanjali Devashray: Cliffhanger quiz contest

The gripping virtual session had a volley of questions in various categories specially chosen to gauge the comprehensive acumen of each contestant.

Gitanjali Vedika: Tribal lifestyle a treasure of cultures

Students of class III explained to co-students about the tribes of different States in India, their food, festivals, and clothing by presenting a special video during assembly.

Onam: Kids appear online in ethnic wear

Students of class II-A attended the virtual Onam celebration dressed in traditional attire.

Gitanjali Vedika: Fun, learning and a show of talent at Foundation Day fete

The event was conducted online due to guidelines in place to control Covid 19 spread.

Gitanjali Vedika: Young ones express their emotions through emojis

The tiny tots understood the im- portance of expressing themselves in the right way as words convey the message but emojis express the feelings.

Kids dress up as chocolates

They were excited to taste their homemade chocolate snacks like chocolate popcorn, choco balls and bread chocolate cake!

Gitanjali Vedika: Kids make Father’s Day a memorable event

There were an array of colourful cards with which they showed the bond of love that they share with their fathers.

Yoga a tool to combat stress

The aim of Yoga Day 2021 was to enhance awareness of practicing Yoga and the many benefits it provides.

Students of Gitanjali Vedika display freedom of artistic voice

To hone the talent and exhibit the creative abilities of budding artists, Gitanjali Vedika organised an Art exhibition ‘Listen to your heART.’

Gitanjali Vedika: A show of sportsmanship spirit

Gitanjali Vedika rolled out the platform for the overall personality development of students by organising its Annual Sports Day.

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