Saturday, November 27, 2021

Global warming

Editorial: Polluters must pay

As the world leaders gather at Scotland’s Glasgow for the United Nations Climate Change Conference—COP26 (Conference of the Parties), the key question that needs...

Explainer: Shrinking big cat territories

Around the world, the main threats to big cats are as a result of human activities. Of the populations of 40 wild cat species,...

Four Indian-origin people killed in New York floods

New York: Four people of Indian origin and a Nepali family of three have died in New York from the flooding caused by Hurricane...

#NationalWildlifeDay: Know the significance and the theme for this year

Thus, the day is designed to bring awareness about these different species and the reasons for their numbers coming down drastically.

Opinion: A Chipko-like movement in our daily life

We need to practise what has been passed down and revere nature to fight climate change

Collective efforts needed to fight global warming

Deforestation causes only ten per cent of global warming

IMF proposes setting up of an int’l carbon price floor

The IMF chief noted that a carbon price floor arrangement does not mean carbon taxes per se.

Editorial: Telltale signs of climate change

Tropical cyclones have caused 28.6% of mortalities in the last five decades, second only to floods responsible for maximum human deaths

Climate change impact on oceans 

Scientists say the seas have absorbed 90% of all the warming that has taken place in the past 50 years.

Germany to consider spending more to meet climate goal

The more ambitions targets were hastily agreed last week after Germany's top court ruled that existing measures placed too much of the burden for curbing global warming on younger people.

Study indicates global warming could reduce biodiversity in tropics

The bulging, equator-belted midsection of Earth currently teems with a greater diversity of life than anywhere else - a biodiversity that generally wanes when moving from the tropics to the mid-latitudes

Frozen ‘methane bubbles’ under ice, dangerous if popped

Frozen methane bubbles can be seen in many lakes around the world, with one of the best-known places being Lake Abraham in Alberta, Canada.

Global warming making Indian monsoon seasons stronger, more chaotic: Study

The researchers noted that more rainfall is not necessarily a good thing for the farming sector in India and its neighbouring countries.

Study suggests human noises are altering marine life

Sound travels fast and far in water, and sea creatures use sound to communicate, navigate, hunt, hide and mate.

State of wildlife around the world

The celebration of the beautiful biodiversity that exists on our planet

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