Friday, January 21, 2022


Upcoming Netflix series to watch out for!

Many of these series also feature top notch actors and some are either based directly on real life events or allude to those.

How to recognise and avoid phishing attacks

Phishing is a method of trying to gather personal/sensitive information and steal data or money from victims

Two held by Hyderabad cybercrime police for aiding cyber crooks

Hyderabad: Two persons hailing from Jamtara who helped fraudsters by providing bank accounts, were arrested by the Hyderabad cybercrime police, on Saturday. According to the...

Hyderabad: Man from Jamtara held for online fraud

Police said Pandit and his associates send bulk SMSes to customers saying that the mobile phone network service they were using would get expired within 24 hours

Cyber conmen cast wider net, go multi-lingual

Operating from smaller cities and towns of northern and central States, these cyber conmen are now seeking to strike a chord with the victims by talking to them in Telugu also.

Cybercrime detection rate mere 7 per cent in Cyberabad Police limits

Hyderabad: Cybercrime is one area where cases are increasing exponentially every year. In the Cyberabad Police limits, while 293 cases were reported in 2018,...

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