Friday, January 21, 2022

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Tamil inscription of Kakatiya Pratapa Rudra found at Motupalli

The inscription, according to Dr. Sivanagireddy, was written in Tamil and Grantha script, and dates back to Saka 1230 (1st August, 1308 C.E), Kilaka, Vaisaka, Su. 10, Wednesday, pertaining to the reign of Kakatiya Rudra deva II (1289-1323).

Nidhhi Agerwal learns Tamil for new project

The 'iSmart Shankar' actor has been taking online classes for the past six months

Actress Nidhhi Agerwal learns Tamil for new project

"I am happy I decided to learn Tamil. It has helped me quite a bit while shooting for this film. It is easier to remember my lines now and I'm able to communicate with people better.

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