2020: The best in mobile gaming

As two of the most popular mobile games became unavailable to players, gaming traffic moved to Freefire, CoD Mobile and games of other genres

By   |  Published: 19th Dec 2020  6:41 pmUpdated: 19th Dec 2020  6:42 pm

A year in which, most of us were indoors and striving to stay safe, it is fair to expect mobile games especially ‘free to play’ ones ruled the roost. The year also witnessed the ban on PubG Mobile in India and the dropping of Fortnite by the Google and iOS stores.

As two of the most popular mobile games became unavailable to players, gaming traffic moved to Freefire, CoD Mobile and games of other genres. Similarly, as they year progressed and we moved to the months of April and May; games like Ludo King, Uno and Skribbl.io became increasingly popular leisure time activities.

The developers of the games in some cases introduced the ability to open virtual rooms where players could play with their chosen ones. This year has been a standout one for mobile gaming as we expect a significant rise in the hours of global play and number of players.

Similarly, the newly found success of games like Among Us indicates that players are looking for virtual spaces to inhabit with friends, relatives and acquaintances they couldn’t meet physically.

This week Game On! picks the best mobile games of 2020 across five genres, games you must try before the clock strikes 12 in eleven days’ time.

Action- RPG – Genshin Impact

A game that might make the list next week as well, Genshin Impact is one of the best games of 2020. A free to play game on most platforms and a world so spectacularly designed that it can render you stationary in bewilderment; Genshin is an online RPG with an amazing plot and an incredible combat system. If this weren’t enough, this is a game with cross-play functionality and could mean that you could login on any of your devices and start. If you haven’t tried this, you must.

Word Games – Bonza

Bonza is all about simplicity and reimagining the crossword puzzle. An aesthetic experience with a large number of challenges, Bonza is fun and simple despite its flaws. A fantastic daily mode and an option to design your own puzzles (wink!) makes this a great game for all bibliophiles and logophiles out there.

Multiplayer Drama – Among Us

It had to be Among Us as nothing else simply compares. A game that digitally envisions classic offline party games like mafia and murder, Among Us is all about the people you play with and the conditions you set.

The game is extremely moldable which makes the ensuing situation even more chaotic. Highly recommended to try with three imposters. One of the best ways to end 2020 in style, curled up in the warmth of you room.

Simulation Overload – Progressbar95

A game from January, 2020; a time when the world was safer and more optimistic, Progressbar95 is all about playing with the agonizing data transfer bar from classic Windows machines.

You move data find fragments that are suitable and reject corrupted/bad data. The more puzzles you solve, you collect hardware parts and upgrade your system. An amazing game that not only tells you about key parts in earlier PCs but also retells the History of the Windows operating system. Give it a try if versions like NT, 95, 98 and ME make sense to you, dollops of nostalgia guaranteed.

Single Player Platformer – BangBang Rabbit

A rabbit that goes haywire and fights hordes of enemies with each weapon more fantastical than the next. This game is all about combining speed with the right upgrades and giving them cats a royal thumping.

With spectacular locales, a great background score and a variety of weapons including a giant crushing carrot. This one is a strong recommendation too. There you go, some of the best games on mobile platforms from 2020.

As we turn into 2021 expect even better games as mobile manufacturers find ways to introduce elements of raytracing into your handheld devices without spontaneously combusting. The gap with mainstream platforms has never been narrower. Genshin is the proof of it.

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