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HyderabadCyberabad cops use realistic approach for road safety awareness

Cyberabad cops use realistic approach for road safety awareness

Published: 31st Aug 2021 12:36 am

Hyderabad: Hitting it hard where it matters. That is what the Cyberabad Traffic Police is doing. Counselling for motorists, especially those involved in fatal accidents, is now being done using actual footage of the accident, with the shock, the blood and gore and the impact of the accident hoped to trigger changes in the manner in which such people drive.

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With frequent accidents in the Cyberabad region, the Cyberabad Traffic Police (CTP) has been checking out innovative ways to create awareness in motorists. As part of the awareness drive, the actual footage from surveillance cameras, videos and photos of the crashes they were involved in is being used for counselling at the Cyberabad Traffic Training Institute.

Traffic officials, who often refer to roads as ‘War Zones’, in a proactive step are sharing the pictures and videos with detailed case studies and analysis of the reasons that led to the mishap apart from suggesting precautions to be taken to avoid such accidents.

“Our motive is to educate motorists involved in road crashes, while they violate traffic rules. For this, we are collecting CCTV footage, photos and videos of the incident they were involved in and specifically using them to apprise them of their mistakes,” said Bhaskar, Inspector, Traffic Training Institute, Madhapur.

The CTP had earlier used instances of other similar case studies related to human errors like helmet driving, seat belts, wrong route and cell phone driving apart from natural factors like bad weather and slippery roads leading to mishaps.

“We believe that showing them the videos of the same mishap they were involved in, which had caused loss of life or damage to others, will strike them hard. They could relate more and empathise which could further help in a change in their mindset and behaviour,” an official said.

“There is a need to have self-discipline. We want the citizens, specifically the motorists, to be self-disciplined and responsible while driving on public roads,” Cyberabad Traffic DCP SM Vijay Kumar said.

The CTP is also putting in efforts to create awareness among citizens on the Motor Vehicle Act. Traffic police personnel from all the 10 traffic police stations in the commissionerate are conducting campaigns to educate the public against committing traffic violations.


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