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TelanganaGet your facts right, Revanth Reddy

Get your facts right, Revanth Reddy

Published: 7th May 2021 12:22 am

Hyderabad: The frustration is clear and obvious. Congress working president A Revanth Reddy, for long ignored by his own party, heaped allegations against Telangana Publications Private Limited (TPPL), publishers of Namasthe Telangana and Telangana Today on Thursday that only raised more questions on his intentions than revealing any wrongdoings on the part of the company.

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It is surprising that Revanth Reddy, who was himself caught red-handed in the infamous ‘cash-for-vote’ scam in undivided Andhra Pradesh, should have the temerity to point fingers at Telangana Publications which went through all the legal processes and procedures while acquiring lands to set up the printing press in Devaryamjal.

The Congress leader’s chat with the media was more of a gibberish outpouring borne out of frustration, with none of the senior Congress leaders standing by his side in such a ‘major exposure’ as he claimed it was. Obviously unsure of his moves, Revanth Reddy was seen vacillating about the mode of inquiry. Beginning with a demand for an inquiry by a sitting judge, he moved on to a House Committee probe before finally seeking a CBI inquiry!

The allegations he raised are at once baseless as they are ridiculous. The fact that he kept harping on Survey No 437 in Devaryamjal mandal being endowment land clearly indicates that he had not done his homework. Isn’t Revanth Reddy aware of the fact that the then YS Rajasekhara Reddy government had issued GOMs No 810 notifying endowment lands in Deverayamjal village on October 14, 2004? The GO notified the endowment lands with the old and new survey numbers and the extent of land too.

The then government also issued another notification listing out survey numbers of endowment lands in Deverayamjal mandal prohibiting sale and registration of lands. And here comes the interesting and most important fact – Survey no 437 is neither mentioned in the list of endowment lands nor does it figure in the prohibited list of survey numbers.

So, does this mean that the turncoat Revanth Reddy conveniently ignored this GO or is it that he is not willing to accept a GO issued by the then Congress government, even though he is now a member of that party?

More importantly, TPPL initiated the entire process of purchasing land in 2011 when the Congress was in power with Kiran Kumar Reddy as Chief Minister. The Statehood movement was at its peak then which again leads to the question whether the Congress government at that time would have ignored any irregularities.

What is laughable is that Revanth Reddy, a known master in land dealings, can’t visually perceive the extent of land owned by TPPL. By no stretch of imagination can a piece of four acre look like 10 to 15 acre as alleged by the Congress leader.

Revanth Reddy also cried hoarse about the Officers Committee appointed by the State government to probe illegal land dealings, particularly endowment lands, not even coming anywhere near the TPPL printing press. Why would they give GOMs No 810? Moreover, what prevents him from approaching the committee with his so called findings rather than making a hullabaloo over something that is obviously fictitious?

The fact of the matter is that TPPL management abided by all rules and regulations in respect of purchase of lands as also in getting required permissions.

The following facts pertaining to purchase of lands and permissions should clear the air and demolish Revanth Reddy’s allegations once and for all.

  • The first sale deed for purchase of land was carried out on 05-01-2011 vide document number 9/2011 for an extent of one acre land in survey no 437, and it was bought from K T Rama Rao. The land conversion permission was given on 11.02.2011
  • The second sale deed for purchase of 2.08 acres in survey no 437 was carried out on 06-05-2015 vide document number 1829/2015, and was bought from Jadhav Vanamala. The land conversion orders were issued on 05-11-2015
  • The third sale deed for purchase of 1.06 acres in survey no 437 was carried out on 10.09.2019 vide document number 10407/2019. The land was purchased from Rajaboyina Yakaiah. The land sale agreement was done in 2015, but registration was done in 2019). Land conversion orders were issued on 25.09.2020 for this land
  • TPPL owns only 4.14 acres of land and this land is registered in the name of Deevakonda Damodar Rao (s/o Narayana Rao)
  • The land owned by TPPL is in survey number 437, which is not included either in the list of Endowment lands nor does it find mention in prohibited list.
  • In all the revenue records, survey no 437 is mentioned as ‘patta land’ right from 1954-55 Khasra Pahani to the latest online pahani of 2020-2021. The survey no 437 has a total of 10 acre, 37 guntas of land. The owners were Katta Bal Reddy, Katta Anji Reddy, Katta Narsimha Reddy and Katta Lakshma Reddy. Their legal heirs conducted various transactions later.
  • The Gram Panchayat of Devaryamjal village accorded permission for the printing press on 14.03.211 to TPPL and the the Inspector of Factories gave permission for setting up a printing press in March 2012 vide order number JDM/675/2012
  • TPPL has been paying the required fee to all departments regularly besides paying property tax to erstwhile Devarayamjal Gram Panchayat and Tumkunta municipality now. The last tranche of property tax was paid on 27.04.2021.
  • The height of the printing press is as per the permissions given and not 50 feet as alleged by Revanth Reddy.

If anyone has any doubts about the land owned by TPPL, they can approach the four-member IAS officers committee. The Committee could also take up a thorough probe on this issue and TPPL management will cooperate with the committee.

If the committee finds any irregularities, the government can take any action. TPPL will stand by the decision of the committee.

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